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6 year warranty for all Clicbox cabinets

I love it when installers tell their customers they only work with ready assembled cabinets as flat pack cabinets take too long too assemble and will cost them too much lost time!


watch this guy. cabinet assembly 8.14 seconds......

In a hurry - Consider "ClicBox" by uniclic - it just clicks together

Clicbox cabinets are available in White, Urban Oak, Light Grey and Anthracite

We sell Clicbox by Uniclic too - these are great when you have limited storage space or you need a kitchen in a hurry.

It takes 48 hours from order placed to kitchen shipped!


They are flat packed to save space, but once erected you wouldn't know.



UNICLIC technology is a tongue & groove solution which allows a 90° click cabinet connection. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to assemble flat pack kitchen cabinets simply by clicking the components together without the need for tools, screws or glues!

Fast Assembly

Because there's no need for any tools or fittings, you can assemble ClicBox cabinets up to 5 times faster compared to standard flat packs.

Strong & Sturdy Construction

The click cabinet connections are stronger than traditional flat pack assembly systems as the joining points run along the entire width of the board rather than at just the usual 2 fixing points. Now available already assembled.

No Visible Fittings

As no cam & dowels or modesty blocks are required to assemble the ClicBox cabinets the joints are cleaner with no visible fittings


Available in White, Oak, Light Grey and Anthracite finishes to match the look of your kitchen plan.

Wide Range of Sizes

The ClicBox range is available in almost every size you could want (60) including wall cabinets, base cabinets and larder units.

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