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Tristone as Highest Quality Worktops

Tristone Worktops are backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing failure which gives you the customer peace of mind that you are buying a high quality product and should any problems occur due to faulty manufacture, you are covered. 

Tristone is a 100% Acrylic Solid Surface made of high performance acrylic resins and natural minerals to enhance its appearance and heat resistance performance.

The colours and patterns with Tristone run right the way through the sheet so they cannot wear away and can be restored to its original condition time after time.

Tristone is non-porous and NSF-5 I certified for food preparation areas which means it is hygienic and wards off mildew, bacteria and other germs. With no visible seams on your worktop and integrated bowls, sinks and splash backs, 

Tristone works superbly in both commercial and domestic kitchens and bathrooms.


About Tristone Company

Tristone core value is integrity and our vision and mission is simple "Offer you the best we can for the least we can". This has been our practice from the beginning and has boasted 33% of our business as referrals from satisfied customers and our repeat business has been equally encouraging. We are a family run and close team operated business.

Our involvement in the Home Improvement market began in the early 80's in Peterhead Aberdeenshire, famous as both Europe's leading fishing port and the hub of the vast North Sea oil industry. It taught us early to be experienced in how to meet the design approval of a very diversified and cosmopolitan community.

We opened with High-End Kitchens, Designer Bathrooms, bespoke bedrooms and fitted offices. This was added to and complimented with our upmarket Ceramic Tile and flooring centre along with our furniture, fabric and curtains.

We responded to generic demand and evolved to be a "One Stop Home Improvement Shop" later incorporating our own custom made conservatories, doors and windows. Almost everything was turn-key in that we designed it, supplied it, delivered it in our vehicles and our staff installed it. When I think back on those 2 tone pink baths, lime green leather suites and kitchen doors with the pre rust hinges, I think the market has come a long way. Though no longer involved with that aspect of the business, The company that we formed was several times runner up in the "UK Retailer of the year" Awards.

Twenty seven years later and Tristone Worktops is stretched across Europe and the Americas with staff in both continents and a full time interpreter on board to service our French and Belgian enquirers. In regard to our worktops our three sites combined again make us the largest online worktop presence in the world. We are supplying and fitting hundreds of tops a month and we make it our job to monitor the market continually so that we maintain our leadership both with product and price. Our volume purchasing allows to have worktops made and sold at less than high street showrooms could buy for. Our price beater promise is genuine - try us! Our staff are waiting to assist you with your inquiry.

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