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Customers are always asking to speak to Ted, I think everyone wants to speak to the boss. Trouble is, i'm Drew and i'm the boss. They look confused when i say there's know one here called Ted, TED is a what not a who! TED helps me to understand the needs of my customers and to help me design a kitchen or bedroom around their needs, wants and desires.


Tell me what you don't like, make a list of everything you dislike about your kitchen or bedroom,  the longer the list the better.

Explain  to me what you do want and write it down, be specific. Built in fridge freezer, warming drawers, built in microwave, an island? - don't hold back - it'll be better to get it off your chest.

Describe your dream kitchen or bedroom to me and work with me to bring that design concept to life.

Now that you've told me what you don't like and you have explained what you do want, along with your dream kitchen or bedroom, now I can make it happen.

TED it's as easy as that.


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