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We've been selling kitchens and bedrooms since 1994 and the popularity of Granite has been there from the early days.  Now however there is a huge range of Quartz and solid surface products too - namely Mistral and the all new compact laminates which in place of laminate on a chipboard base, these are now laminate on laminate on laminate etc etc. until a 12mm block is formed.

We sell Granite and Quartz in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm (2 x 20mm joined) 50mm (20mm and 30mm joined) 60mm etc, you get the picture.

We have 23 Granites / Quartz colours and 22 Mistral colours and we will not be beaten on price with a 20 mile radius.

Send us your quote - give us a try - you won't believe it.

All Granites / Quartz products are templated and installed by professionals, Mistral can be worked at your home with a few specialist tools.

Mistral - solid surface that is elegant, extremely practical, and long lasting. It is resistant to water, heat, bacteria and many chemicals. For this reason Mistral can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, laboratories, and anywhere else that requires outstanding performance.

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