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Ball park price

Save time and effort

Remain happy

Saving you Time

We think we've come up with a new way to help you get an idea of what a new kitchen or bedroom should cost you using our “ball park price” table below. 


Work out how many metres of base, wall and tall cabinets you think you will want / need. Choose a style and colour from our brochures on the Door styles page - It's as simple as that to get a Ball park figure.                

60122 website prices.jpg

Let's choose a Blossom Avenue Bella design Special in Matt Cashmere at £423 per metre for base and wall cabinets and £1030 for Tall cabinets

(we use Bedrooms to price up tall cabinets).

Base cabinets 5.7m = £2411.10

Wall Cabinets 2.2m = £ 930.60

Tall cabinets   1.6m = £1648.00

All drawers are £125 per drawer (up to 1000mm wide) and we have 6 in our design.

So that's £5739.70 as a Ball park figure for all cabinets and fascias.

Now all you need are worktops, appliances, sink & tap and these can be bought from us too.

If you are happy with your Ball Park figure, simply get in touch and We will come to you  (within 30 miles), you describe your dream kitchen or bedroom and work with us to bring your concept to life. We'll recommend installers who will manage your project through to completion.                                                                                                                 


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