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Ball park price

Don't let the pricing up

give you a headache!

We think we've come up with a new way to help you get an idea of what a new kitchen or bedroom*** should cost you using our “ball park price” table below.

Choose a style of door and colour from our brochures on our "Trade kitchens" page. then come back here to to give you a price per metre of cabinets with doors on.


Work out how many metres you will need and multiply this by the ppm cost to give you your ball park figure.

It's as simple as that.  


Jayline J pull handle DISCOUNTED until the end of July 

website ballpark sample mobile.jpg
Looking at the plan below and using the Jayline J-pull & integrated handle kitchens on page 8 - in super gloss light grey and super matt dust grey.

These are priced at £317* per metre for building trades.   

Lets say your kitchen measures 3520 mm x 2920 mm and you are planning an L shape with an Island 1500 mm long with seating along two sides like the picture below.

website ballpark sample.jpg
website plan bpp.jpg

The oven side wall is 3520mm long and the sink side wall is 2920mm long


The island has 2 x 600 2 drawer cabinets so this is 1200 mm.


Let us take the oven wall - in total we have 3m of larder and oven housing (1m x 3***for pricing purposes), 2.52m of base units and 1.5m of wall units = 7.02m


On the sink side we have 2.92m - the corner at 0.6m and a Dish washer also

at 0.6m = 1.72m, The island is 1200mm. 

Now we add up all the pieces to give 7.2m +1.72m + 1.2m = 9.94m x 317 ppm= £3150.98

This design also has 8 Blum drawers up to 1000mm wide @ £100 each, Total £800


The grand total for this kitchen would be a Ball park figure of £3950.98 

We'll round this up to 10m so now our Jayline kitchen in Supergloss light grey and super matt dust grey with matching cabinets would be 10 x 317 = £3170 + 8 Blum guaranteed for life drawers at £800 is £3970** including delivery (up to 100 miles from our store in Leeds)

​All you need now is your worktop, appliances, sink & tap and you're good to go.

​If this or any other ball park price is of interest, please get in touch for a chat to us to come to you to do a measure up.


Get in touch.

* Prices based on a building trades customer, DIY's for the same kitchen would be £4964 inc delivery

** Figures are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

*** For larders, tall housings or wardrobes multiply your ppm by 3.

**** Bella special styles are Carrick, Oakham, Richmond, Shaker, Tullymore, Warwick, Buxton, Cambridge, Chester, Helmsley, Stratford, Aldridge and Elland.

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