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We've come up with a new way to help you get an idea of what a new kitchen or bedroom should cost you with TED kitchens and Bedrooms.

Use our “ball park price” to find out what your new kitchen will cost in minutes.

Complete Kitchens = Kitchens PM

Complete Bedroom Wardrobes = Bedrooms PM

Simply choose a door style  then measure the length of your kitchen, where you would like to install your new cabinets and multiply this measurement by the price per metre below.

We may still need to visit you at home (within 30 miles of Knaresborough) to design and ask you our TED questions to make sure we supply the right kitchen or bedroom for your needs - but we can cut through a lot of time by giving you a ball park price now

All prices below are per metre

The ball park price matrix below is based on a 1000mm base cabinet and a

1000mm x 720mm medium height wall cabinet this makes up our 1 metre of cabinets and doors - so all you would need to add are handles (if needed) soft close drawers at £84 each, appliances, worktops a sink and tap and you're there. 

trade and design prices.jpg

Let's choose a Blossom Avenue Wilton Shaker in Light grey at £402 per metre.

3.690m + 2.60m + 2.60m = 8.89m, let's round that up to 9m x £402pm = £3618

All drawers are £84 per drawer (up to 1000mm wide).

So let's add 4 drawers up to 1000mm wide and that's £336

Now all you need are worktops, appliances, sink tap and these can be bought from us too.

£3618+£336 = £3954 inc VAT - FOB (from our base) in Knaresborough.

All trade customers can take off a further 10% after their first five kitchens or bedroom jobs.

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