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Saving you Time

We've come up with a new way to help you get an idea of what a new kitchen should cost you with TED kitchens and Bedrooms Ltd. Simply multiply the kitchen price by 1.5 to give you your Bedroom price.

Use our “ball park price” to find out what your new kitchen will cost in minutes.

We offer 3 pricing levels for the Diy'er to our clients who want everything done for them.


1. YOU MEASURE - YOU PLAN - YOU FIT - Make a shopping list of everything you need and we'll order and deliver it direct to your door. 

2. YOU MEASURE - WE PLAN - YOU FIT - Bring in your plans or your measurements and we'll design from these. We deliver direct to your door,  Use your own fitters or fit yourself.

3. WE MEASURE - WE PLAN - WE FIT - YOU RELAX - We come to you  (within 30 miles), you describe your dream kitchen or bedroom and work with us to bring your concept to life. We'll project manage with our own fitters.                                                                                                                                                       

All prices below are per metre

Let's choose a Blossom Avenue Wilton Shaker in Light grey at £156 per metre for the doors and £232 for the cabinets on a UFITIT basis. that's £388 per metre.

3.690m + 2.60m + 2.60m = 8.89m, let's round that up to 9m x £388pm = £3492

All drawers are £66 per drawer (up to 1000mm wide).

So let's add 4 drawers up to 1000mm wide and that's £264

Now all you need are worktops, appliances, sink tap and these can be bought from us too.

£3492+£264 = £3756 inc VAT - FOB (from our base) in Knaresborough.


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